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Monday's UPDATE #3

You thought i had finished with the trailers, right? ... i did, too ...

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Kickstarter rewards: become a zombie!

With the official trailer out of the way for the moment, I'm preparing the Kickstarter campaign.
And it's a lot of work, let me tell you.
For now, I've been thinking about two main things: the presentation video and the rewards for the backers.

presentation videos are important!

Let me show you a very good presentation video for a Kickstarter Campaign. The game is "Guard Duty", a really creative point and click adventure with gorgeous pixel art.

You can watch their Kickstarter page here.

Anyway, that's the kind of quality you want your video to have.
Of course, it'll require time, but I'm working on it.
Based on the example above and to the research I made, I've decided that my video will try to loosely follow these rules:

  • Show the gameplay; that's what players are interested about.
  • Introduce yourself and the team; Guard Duty's trailer skipped that part without major problems, but I still think it's a good idea to show your potential backers who you really are, especially if you're an unknown developer like me;
  • Be creative; how can you persuade people that your game is so fun and great, when your presentation is as bland and unoriginal as they come?
So, keeping this in mind, here's the very first seconds of my presentation video:

That was me!
The idea is to make an animated presentation of myself, explaining the game mechanics and showing the gameplay to the viewers.
It's going to be a looot of work, that's for sure.

the rewards: you will become part of zombie society!

Just in case you don't know, that's how Kickstarter works, in short: someone presents his project, and if the viewers are interested they can pledge on it and become backers, in exchange for so called "rewards" as a "thank you" for their support.

Many of these rewards often consist in material gadgets, like t-shirts, posters, hats and other stuff.

Well, I'm not going to send you a t-shirt that you'd be too ashamed to wear anyway.

The rewards for "Zombie Society - Dead Detective" will mainly consist in you becoming one of the pixelated undead people that inhabit the game.

One of the non-talking zombies casually roaming in the graveyard. A victim in a case, or even one of the suspects.
Depending on your pledge, I'll ask you to send me a picture of yourself and I'll draw you as a character of the game!
Like so:

Well, that's it for today.
Are you ready to become a zombie?

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