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Monday's UPDATE #5

On the eve of the kickstarter/greenlight campaigns

· Monday Update,kickstarter,Steam Greenlight

Kickstarter description, media and rewards? Check.
Steam Greenlight description, media and entry fee? Check.
Research? Check. Prayers to an higher entity? Check.

I think I'm all set. I'm ready. Everything's fine.

"Zombie society dead detective"will be on kickstarter and steam greenlight starting from tomorrow

At this point there's so little I can tell you without spoiling you anything. But as you might know by now, I'm not really good at keeping secrets. To the point that if you've read my post blog updates, you practically already know everything.

But to summarize:

  • I'm offering you a chance to become a zombie; all I need is your picture, then I'll draw you inside my game. And you can even be an important character!
  • I'll also offer the chance to "order" a DRM-fee copy at a much lower price than the future selling price
  • If you don't have any money to spend, you can still support my game by voting on Steam Greenlight or simply spreading the word
  • The game WILL be made, even if the Kickstarter campaign fails, even if it'll never get on Steam. You can count on it.

That's it. Thank you in advance for your time and your support.

Let's introduce these weird zombies to the world!

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