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Monday's UPDATE #6


· kickstarter,Monday Update

This week's update has come a bit later than usual, because I've been very busy with my Kickstarter campaign.

It's going great, by the way.

I mean, its traction has slowed down as expected on the fourth day or so, and I'm not sure I will succeed even if there's still a lot of time left.
But it's been a fun experience so far, and the supporters who have already pledged will be happy to know that their persona will be present inside the game regardless of the campaign's success.

During the past week I've been working on "promotional gifs", like the one above, to advertise the game on social platform.
I can convey much more info about the game with a gif, especially on socials like Twitter where you can't use long sentences.

I'm trying to be creative about it - and it's a lot of fun.

Starting from this week, though, it's time to go back to developing. I have a game to make.

the game will be made regardless of the kickstarter campaign's success. its format, however, might change.

The main reason I decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign was to get the funds to work full time on a stand-alone, full-lenght version of the game, and to hire a pixel artist to draw better backgrounds.
If the campaign will fail, I'll probably have to release the game in episodic format. Each episode will consist of a self-contained case to solve, and I'll publish them as free games for the web, trying to earn some money from the occasional sponsor.
If the campaign succeeds, however, I could completely dedicate myself to the game and the overall quality would certainly benefit from it.
I'm asking for your help to make the game as good as I want it to be, as YOU want it to be.
Help me introduce these weird, funny zombies to the world!

And if you're already a backer, thank you for your support, from the bottom of my rotten, cold heart!

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