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Zombies are marching toward Kickstarter

maybe slowly. maybe limping. maybe with a few occasional breaks along the way, just to eat some brains. but they're coming. maybe. if they don't get lost.

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Why shouldn't they?

"Zombie Society - Dead Detective" is a retro-style point-and-click adventure, with detective elements, set in a not so far future in which zombies have conquered the planet and established their own society.
I published a self-contained demo on Newgrounds, and it went great - won the daily feature and a weekly prize, got frontpaged, and it's currently in the "best games of the month" section.
On Kongregate, it gained a place among the top three games of the month of February.
It received a very nice review on, too!
And I've sold a sitelock license to ArmorGames and, so the game will soon be published there, too. I'm excited to see how it will be received.
If it goes well, it seems like the next, natural step would be to get serious, right?
Well, up until some time ago, I wasn't that sure.

I've thought long and hard about this.
I mean, for the past ten years I've been making web games, mostly for fun. And I've certainly improved a lot in that time.

But am I ready to make my first commercial game?

The only answer I've come up with is: "I don't know".


I came to the conclusion that it's not up to me to decide that.
It's up to the players, it's up to YOU!
All I can do is to give it my best, and if it won't be enough, it means I still have to improve. And I will certainly have improved at the end of the process, anyway.

Kickstarter it is, then

I'm working on setting up a kickstarter page for the project. I hope I'll be able to set up a greenlight page on Steam at the same time, too, before Valve kills it off for good.
And of course, I'm working on the rest of the game. In that regard, I'll post a weekly update on this blog, with juicy gifs, videos and screenshots to let you see how the development is progressing.

One thing is for sure: "Zombie Society - Dead Detective" will come to LIFE.
Kickstarter or not, Steam Greenlight or not.
Zombies are like that. They'll march on, inexorably. You can't stop them.

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